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Where you can connect easier with your own community

ClikaGram is the first social network that brings people together from the same community, and encourages them to get information, publish and share news and opinions on subjects that affect them where they live.

On ClikaGram you will be able to:

  • Find out what's happening in your community in real time.
  • Publish your own news with photos or video and comment on those of other members.
  • Share your opinion on topics that interest you.
  • Find help or help others in your community.
  • Get to know your local leaders and rate their performance.
  • Share your views with your local leaders on hot issues.
  • Get to know and interact with people from your community.
  • Share anything posted on Clikagram easily and quickly to your other favorite social networks.
  • Personalize the local news you want to see according to your interests such as….
    • Local Events
    • Local Sports
    • Classified ads
    • Specials offered by local businesses
    • Lost / Found alerts
    • Missing person / kidnapping alerts
    • Traffic /accident info
    • Weather Alert
    • Fire alarm / evacuation alerts
    • And much more…

Over 5,000 communities around the world are already set up with many more to come. Can’t find your community? Let us know and we will add it.

Our smartphone app will be available soon, so you can stay in touch with your community and quickly find out what is happening wherever you are.

Register for FREE and please invite all citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders you know to join and contribute to their community.

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