In which countries does ClikaGram operate?

ClikaGram currently operates in Canada and the United States, Australia, New Zealand, UK and South Africa with dedicated websites for every city or town. ClikaGram will be adding more countries on an ongoing basis.

What is ClikaGram?

ClikaGram is a community based social media service that allows individuals within a community to post and view local news and alerts. It also allows people to comment on posts, like posts and share posts on other social media. With ClikaGram everyone is a news reporter. We encourage connecting people locally.

In addition, ClikaGram goal is to help stimulate the local economy by promoting “Shop Local”, providing customer discounts and multiple merchant rebate programs.

Who’s behind ClikaGram?

ClikaGram was founded and developed by The Belcher Group, comprised of expert programmers, Marketing experts and creative designers who saw the need and potential of connecting people with others in their own community. A way to see what is going on where you live or where you travel.

How secure is ClikaGram?

We have taken every precaution to protect the information and integrity of our organization, business advertisers and members from being compromised through our site.

The site is run on a secure 256 bit encryption (SSL) – twice the standard


What’s the benefit of advertising on ClikaGram?

Plain and simple, we just do MORE for our advertisers!

We provide a service that no other advertising company offers to make it easyeffective and affordable.

1.We are a Local Shopper – Research studies show that most customers prefer to shop close to home. Our goal is to help stimulate the local economy by promoting “Shop Local”, providing an online advertising platform designed to help local business owners advertise their products and/or services, offering customer discounts and multiple merchant rebate programs.

3. We actively promote the ads themselves through our site, social media and SEO.

5. We are the most affordable online advertising media – only $50 for a whole month of advertising.

6. We have FREE classifieds which are available for consumers and business owners alike.

We at ClikaGram are always thinking of new ways to make our advertising products better for you. If you have an advertising idea that you think would be great for our site, please email us at

Can I advertise anything on ClikaGram?

ClikaGram was created to provide a safe advertising/consumer networking platform for all our members and public users, of any age. It is therefore of great importance that all advertising posted on our site adhere to the prohibited items listed at the bottom of this webpage. Click the “prohibited” link for more information.

What payment processors does ClikaGram use?

ClikaGram can accept payments by Credit Card, E-Transfer, Direct Deposit, or Cheque.

Credit Cards payments are processed with Square. We understand processor fees can be expensive, so ClikaGram has decided to absorb all the processing fees, so you can make a purchase with no hidden fees.

E-Transfers can be done directly through your financial institutes online banking system. The payment must be sent to with a description in the memo line of your purchase details (i.e. what the payment is for)

Direct Deposits can be made at your closest Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada or at any Wells Fargo branch in the USA. For direct deposit details, please contact us

Cheques are accepted for large purchases where a deposit may need to be made (i.e. territory purchase deposit). All purchases made by cheque must be deposited and cleared before purchase can be made final. We therefore recommend a certified cheque or a bank draft.

What kind of advertising can I purchase?

ClikaGram offers 5 types of advertising products to be purchased on our site:

Rotating Ad: This type of ad will display in the center panel of the Category pages. You can choose exactly where you want your ad to display by location, category and select 5 keywords associated with each ad so consumers can search for it.

Linked Ad: This type of ad will display in the center panel of the Category pages, when someone clicks on your directory listing within the Category Page of your business. This ad will only display under the category where your business is listed. The ad can be changed at any time without limit.

** These ads MUST offer some sort of special price or discount only unless you are an organization or charity in which case you can advertise anything related to your organization**

New Product Ad: This ad is ONLY for companies that have a NEW product or service – in the marketplace for 2 years or less. This is the perfect way to get the word out about your new product or service and is displayed on every city site in the country you select so your exposure is massive. These ads can be in the form of a video or landing page at your website, or simply a display ad that tells people about your product or service.

Footer Ad: This ad will be displayed on every category page, on your city site only. These spaces are limited, as we only have 2 spaces available. If someone is already advertising here, you must wait until the space becomes available.

Header Ad: This ad will be displayed on every category page, on your city site only. This space is limited, therefore If someone is already advertising here, you must wait until the space becomes available.

Multi Product Ad: This ad is designed for companies wishing to market multiple products at the same time – such as grocery stores, hardware, electronic and similar stores. You will be able to upload an image, text and price for each item all of which will display in the center panel when someone clicks on your directory ad – just like the LINK AD. The items in the ad can be changed at any time without limit.

How do I purchase my first ad after registering?

Once your business account is registered, and verified, you can purchase advertising by logging into your account and selecting the Buy Advertising option on your dashboard. Simply complete the form, upload your ad and pay for your purchase. Once your purchase has been authorised your ad will immediately be uploaded to our site and fall into rotation within the selected category.

Can I choose how long I would like my ad to run?

You can purchase advertising by the month, semi-annually or annually.

How much does it cost to advertise on ClikaGram?

Our advertising products are competitively priced and are well below average online advertising prices. Prices can be found on our 'Purchase Advertising' page

Why can’t I purchase a linked ad?

Linked ads are reserved for Specials only. If you have a business that offers daily, weekly or even occasional specials, you can purchase a linked ad.

I have been scammed by someone advertising on ClikaGram

While we do our best to only allow legitimate, legal companies/persons to advertise on ClikaGram, some scammers may find their way in. If you have been scammed, please report the program and what advertisement they are using on our site. We will investigate and take appropriate action based on our findings.

NOTE: ClikaGram doesn't endorse or guarantee results from third party websites and therefore can not be held liable for any damages incurred.

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