In which countries does Clikker operate?

Clikker currently operates in Canada and the United States, with dedicated websites for every city or town with a population of approximately 9,000 or more. Clikker has plans to expand overseas in the future.

Where is Clikker headquartered?

We’re located in the heart of Downtown Parksville BC, across from the Parksville Community Park. Our address is 166 Island Highway East, Parksville BC, Canada.

Who’s behind Clikker?

Clikker was founded and developed by Ken Crause in conjunction with a group of businessmen who saw the potential of tapping into the billion-dollar a-day advertising industry. Clikker currently employs a small administrative and executive team to manage Sales and Marketing, Financial Operations, Programing, Graphic Design, and Customer Support.

What is Clikker?

Clikker is an online advertising platform, designed to help local business owners advertise their products and/or services, while making it simple for customers to find great local deals.

Clikker’s goal is to help stimulate the local economy by promoting “Shop Local”, providing customer discounts and multiple merchant rebate programs.

What is a Credit Coupon?

A Credit Coupon is a pre-paid advertising credit. It is like a pre-paid credit card, or gift certificate which can be used to purchase advertising on the Clikker website anytime and without any restriction. As an ARISE member, the credit coupons allow you to participate in the Progressive Rebate and Pay-Per-Click programs.

How secure is Clikker?

We have taken every precaution to protect the information and integrity of our organization, business advertisers and members from being compromised through our site.

The site is run on a secure 256 bit encryption (SSL) – twice the standard


What is a Clikker Territory?

A territory is a city or town with a population of 9,000 or more. Every territory/city has its own dedicated Clikker page, that also includes the surrounding communities. Rural communities, with no major city nearby, will be grouped together and dedicated a territory and Clikker page for their area.

Who can buy a territory?

Anybody who is an ARISE member can buy a territory. Territory owners are expected to help promote and develop the Clikker brand and customer base in the area. As the territory owner, you will be the “go to” person for ARISE members and business owners within your territory.

How much is a territory?

The current territory rates are $25,000+, depending on size. If you are interested in purchasing a territory, please contact our Executive Team for availability and purchase price, at 1-888-506-7283 or

What is the benefit of owning a territory?

As a Territory Owner, you will earn 10% of every purchase made by business owners and/or ARISE members in your area. If anyone joins Clikker and does not have a direct sponsor, the territory owner is assigned primary responsibility for the member and is allocated an additional 10% on all purchases made by that member.

Territory owners are kept up to date on current internal matters, are asked for input and suggestions, and assist with the ongoing development of Clikker.


What’s the benefit of advertising on Clikker?

Can I advertise anything on Clikker?

Clikker was created to provide a safe advertising/consumer networking platform for all our members and public users, of any age. It is therefore of great importance that all advertising posted on our site adhere to the prohibited items listed at the bottom of this webpage. Click the “prohibited” link for more information.

What payment processors does Clikker use?

Clikker can accept payments by Credit Card, E-Transfer, Direct Deposit, Cheque and through your Clikker E-wallet.

Credit Cards payments are processed with Square. We understand processor fees can be expensive, so Clikker has decided to absorb all the processing fees, so you can make purchase with no hidden fees.

E-Transferscan be done directly through your financial institutes online banking system. The payment must be sent to with a description in the memo line of your purchase details (i.e. gold membership and 10 credit coupons).

Direct Deposits can be made at your closest Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada or at any Wells Fargo branch in the USA. For direct deposit details, please contact us

Cheques are accepted for large purchases where a deposit may need to be made (i.e. territory purchase deposit). All purchases made by cheque must be deposited and cleared before purchase can be made final. We therefore recommend a certified cheque or a bank draft.

E-wallet balances can be used to make purchases on our site. You must have the full balance available in your E-wallet for the transaction to be approved.

What kind of advertising can I purchase?

Clikker offers 5 types of advertising products to be purchased on our site:

Rotating Ad:his type of ad will display in the center panel of the Category pages 100 times randomly over a 24-hour period. You can choose exactly where you want your ad to display by location and category.

Link Ad: This type of ad will display in the center panel of the Category pages, when someone clicks on your directory listing within the Category Page of your business. This ad will only display under the category where your business is listed. The ad can be changed at any time without limit.

** These ads MUST offer some sort of special price or discount only unless you are an organization or charity in which case you can advertise anything related to your organization **

New Product Ad: This ad is ONLY for companies that have a NEW product or service – in the marketplace for 2 years or less. This is the perfect way to get the word out about your new product or service and is displayed on every city site in the country you select so your exposure is massive. These ads can be in the form of a video or landing page at your website, or simply a display ad that tells people about your product or service.

Footer Ad: This ad will be displayed on every category page, on your city site only. These spaces are limited, as we only have 2 spaces available. If someone is already advertising here, you must wait until the space becomes available.

Header Ad: This ad will be displayed on every category page, on your city site only. This space is limited, therefore If someone is already advertising here, you must wait until the space becomes available.

**You can “reserve” Header and Footer ads. This will create a waiting list so that as soon as the space is available your ad will be the next one to display in the space. Payment will not be required until your advertisement runs, but you MUST select everything in advance and upload your ad in advance.

Multi Product Ad:This ad is designed for companies wishing to market multiple products at the same time – such as grocery stores, hardware, electronic and similar stores. You will be able to upload an image, text and price for each item all of which will display in the center panel when someone clicks on your directory ad – just like the LINK AD. The items in the ad can be changed at any time without limit.

I don’t know how to make an ad, can Clikker help me?

Clikker has hired a team of Graphic Designers to make it simple and easy for our members to purchase advertising. When you purchase advertising, you can upload your ad directly or you can upload images and some text to our staff and we will design the ad for you! They will even let you review the ad, before uploading it to the site on your behalf. This service will be offered to all our ARISE members, at no charge, when an advertising product is purchased on our site.

How do I purchase my first ad after registering?

Once your business account is registered, and verified, you can purchase advertising by logging into your account and selecting the Buy Advertising option on your dashboard. Simply complete the form, upload your ad and pay for your purchase. Once your purchase has been authorised and/or your ad designed by Clikker for you, and approved by you, your ad will immediately be uploaded to our site and fall into rotation within the selected category.

Can I choose how long I would like my ad to run?

You can purchase advertising by the day, week, month or year.

How much does is cost to advertise on Clikker?

Our advertising products are competitively priced and are well below average online advertising prices. ARISE members receive an additional 25% discount on all advertising costs. Our advertising prices can be found on our “buy advertising” page.

Can I buy advertising for someone else?

Yes and no!

You can transfer funds directly to another ARISE member through your e-Wallet and they can purchase advertising for themselves. You will simply need to upload funds into your e-wallet and transfer the money to the ARISE member of your choosing. Alternatively, you can transfer your unused advertising credits to the member at no additional cost to yourself.

NOTE: When uploading funds to be transferred, ensure the credit coupon “auto-purchase” option is disabled before uploading funds into your e-Wallet or the system will automatically take those funds and purchase credit coupons for you instead! Once you have transferred the desired funds, you can turn-on the auto-purchase option once again.**Ensure you have selected the correct ARISE member name when transferring funds, before clicking OK. If you select the incorrect member name and click ok, the funds will be allocated to the selected account and it cannot be undone. **Ensure you have selected the correct ARISE member name when transferring funds, before clicking OK. If you select the incorrect member name and click ok, the funds will be allocated to the selected account and it cannot be undone.

You can not purchase advertising directly from your ARISE account for another ARISE member. All business owners and ARISE members are responsible for their advertising purchases.

Why can’t I purchase a link ad?

Link ads are reserved for Specials only. If you have a business that offers daily, weekly or even occasional specials, you can purchase a link ad.

I have been scammed by someone advertising on Clikker

While we do our best to only allow legitimate, legal companies/persons to advertise on Clikker, some scammers may find their way in. If you have been scammed, please report the program and what advertisement they are using on our site. We will investigate and take appropriate action based on our findings.

NOTE: Clikker doesn't endorse or guarantee results from third party websites and therefore can not be held liable for any damages incurred.


What is ARISE?

ARISE is an exclusive club for Clikker members designed to help business owners advertise at little to no cost!

Every ARISE membership includes FREE Graphic Design services, a 25% discount on all your advertising purchases, membership card for extra discounts at participating merchant locations and rights to purchase available territories.

There are 3 membership levels to choose, so everyone can join the club!

BRONZE members: This entry level membership entitles you to earn back 100% of your advertising dollars with our Progressive Rebate Program. See “What is the Progressive Rebate Program?” for more details.

Silver members: This mid-level membership entitles you to receive the Progressive Rebate and qualify for an additional maximum 15% return with our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) program. See “What is the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) program?” for more details.

Gold members: This Affiliate level membership entitles you to receive the Progressive Rebate, qualify for the PPC program and earn commission by introducing new advertisers to the platform. See “What’s an Affiliate?” for more details.

What is a Credit Coupon?

Credit coupons are available to ARISE members only. Each credit coupon contains 50 advertising credits, valued at $1 each. The maximum number of credit coupons allowed is 1500 per account.

Bronze ARISE members qualify for the Progressive Rebate Program.

Silver ARISE members qualify for the Progressive Rebate and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs.

Gold ARISE members qualify for Progressive Rebate, PPC program and can earn commission as an affiliate by introducing new advertisers to the platform.

Do I have to purchase a Credit Coupon to earn?

Yes and No!

Bronze and Silver ARISE members can only make money by purchasing credit coupons and participating in our Progressive Rebate and/or Pay-Per-Click programs.

Gold ARISE members become Clikker affiliates, which additionally entitles them to earn commission on members they directly introduce to Clikker. Affiliates receive a 10% commission on any purchases made by their referrals for life!

How can I use my credit coupons if I don’t have a business?

The advertising credits, associated to your credit coupon, can be used in a number is ways.

Advertise Affiliate Products : Don’t have anything to sell? You can advertise someone else's product and receive a commission for any sale you generate. Some of the best Affiliate Marketing programs for 2016 are Click Bank, Amazon Associates, eBay, Rakuten, Shareasale…

Transfer your credits to another ARISE member : ou can transfer your advertising credits to another ARISE member, so they can purchase advertising to attract customers or announce an upcoming event. Fun Fact: If you transfer your advertising credits to a registered charity, you are eligible for a tax receipt!

Use them as incentives : Gold members may wish to use their accumulated advertising credits as an incentive to get new members to join the ARISE membership.

Can I transfer credit coupons to other people?

No. Credit coupons are non-transferable. You can transfer the advertising credits, associated with the credit coupons, to another ARISE member. However, the Progressive Rebate and PPC programs are only available to the purchaser of the credit coupon.

Why can’t I upload ads as an ARISE member?

To advertise on Clikker, you must have a business account. You can register for a free business account regardless of owning a “real” business, so you can advertise affiliate products.

Is there a limit on the number of Credit Coupons one can purchase?

Yes. The maximum number of active credit coupons allowed is 1500, per account.

Why is there a limit on the number of Credit Coupons I can purchase?

The credit coupon limit is in place, to avoid having a small group of members make large profits, while only driving traffic to 70 ads/websites per week. Our PPC program’s long-term success relies on a large number of members participating, to help drive traffic to our member’s products, services and/or deals.

Will I earn commission, if I transfer my advertising credits to someone I have sponsored?

No. Commissions have already been paid on the initial purchase.

Why can’t I upload ads as an ARISE member?

To advertise on Clikker, you must have a business account. You can register for a free business account regardless of owning a “real” business, so you can advertise affiliate products.

NOTE: You will need to use a separate telephone number and email address to register for your business account and you will need to link your ARISE membership with your business account before buying any ads.

How long does it take for a Credit Coupon to mature/expire?

Each Credit Coupon will payout over the course of 90 days, at a combined rate (rebate and PPC) of $0.63/day per credit coupon. After 90 days, the coupon would have generated a 15% PPC plus the progressive rebate of the initial cost of the coupon at which point the coupon has paid in full and is no longer active, because it has matured/expired.

How can my advertising credits be used?

Advertising credits can be used to purchase any advertising product sold on our site (i.e. footer or header ads, Link ads, etc), or transferred to another ARISE member.

What is the Progressive Rebate Program?

Clikker wants to help ARISE members advertise for FREE!

The progressive rebate program is a way for Clikker to “give back” to the ARISE members that purchase credit coupons. For every credit coupon purchased, members will receive part of their advertising dollars returned to them over a period of 90 days. These funds will be deposited into your E-wallet daily, until a total $50 is received for the credit coupon purchase. You can purchase new credit coupons (or any advertising product offered) with your progressive rebate funds and continue participating in the program. Now that’s a Win!

What is the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Program?

The pay-per-click program offers an additional 15% return on the credit coupons purchased, allowing you to earn an additional $7.50 above the purchase price of the original coupons! PPC payouts will be deposited into your e-wallet daily, over a 90-day period. To qualify for PPC payouts you must view 70 advertisements per week on the Clikker traffic exchange.

Once the credit coupon has paid $57.50, it will then expire/mature and will cease to payout. Every additional advertising credit coupon purchased will earn an additional %15, for GOLD and SILVER members, until it pays in full.

How often are Progressive Rebate and PPC payments made to ARISE members?

These funds will be deposited into your E-wallet daily, until a total $57.50 is received for each credit coupon purchased.

Where can I find details on my Progressive Rebate and/or PPC payouts?

Detailed information, for all your Clikker earnings, can found in your E-wallet transaction history.

Log into your ARISE account, click on the “My Account” tab on the left menu bar, Click on the “Credit” under the E-wallet transaction history.

Do I have to pay tax on my Progressive Rebates, Pay-Per-Click and/or Affiliate earnings?

Yes and no!

You Should report your PPC earnings and affiliate commissions, as you have profited from these programs.

If you claim the purchase of credit coupons as an expense, then the rebate will likely have to be reported as income. However, if you do not claim the expense, then the rebate would not need to be reported.

NOTE : Laws will vary by country, please consult a tax professional for specific advice regarding your individual tax situation.

Why am I no longer receiving the PPC earnings on my credit coupons?

There are a couple of reasons you may not be receiving your PPC earning:

1. Your credit coupon has paid in full : Each Credit Coupon you purchase will result in 15% maximum PPC earnings. That’s an extra $7.50 in addition to your initial purchase. Once paid in full, it will no longer payout.

2. Your ARISE membership is expired : You will only receive PPC earnings if you are a member in good standing.

3. You didn’t watch your weekly ads : You must view 10 ads per day or 70 per week on the Clikker traffic exchange to qualify for PPC earnings.

What happens if I don’t click 70 ads in a week?

Your progressive rebate and PPC earnings will be paused for the following week. Once you view 70 ads within the week, your earnings will start up again and continue to be deposited into your E-wallet until the credit coupon has paid in full.

Can I earn more money if I watch more than 70 ads per week?

No. All members are welcome to view as many ads as they would like, on the traffic exchange. Unfortunately, this will not result in additional PPC payouts for the week. Our system is designed with a simple tracking system that only tracks the required number of weekly ads that must be viewed, per account.

When do I have to watch ads?

Clikker understands that business owners are very busy and may not have time to sit down every day to “watch ads”. Therefore, we have designed our system in a way that only requires our members to watch 70 ads over the course of the week. You can watch 10 per day or all 70 at once! Just remember to watch all 70 ads before the end of the week, to continue earning your Rebate and PPC payouts daily.

NOTE: Clikker’s end-of-week is Saturday at 11:00 pm (PST).

Will I still receive referral commissions if I forget to watch 70 ads in the week?

Yes. You will receive referral commissions, but no progressive rebate or PPC funds will be earned on your own purchases until the required number of ads have been viewed.

What is the Traffic Exchange?

The traffic exchange can be found on the top of your dashboard when logged into your ARISE account. You will need to visit the traffic exchange daily and/or weekly to view the advertisements required to continue earning your rebate and PPC funds for the following week.

What’s an Affiliate?

Gold ARISE members are also Clikker Affiliates. This entitles the member to represent Clikker publicly and earn lifetime commission on any advertising purchases made, by advertisers they directly introduce to our platform.

How do I link my Business Account to my ARISE membership?

Log into your ARISE account, click on the “Link Business” tab on the Left-hand menu. Our administration team will need to link your account manually before you can receive your advertising discount. Please allow 24 hours for us to process your request.

Can I change my sponsor?

No. Once you have signed up under someone, they will always be your sponsor.

Can I sponsor a spouse or family member?

Yes. There are no restrictions on family members signing up under a spouse, parent or sibling.

Can anyone sign up for an ARISE membership?

ARISE members must be 18 or older. However, accounts can be opened for minors or 3rd parties where there is a trustee administering the account on their behalf (i.e. a minor child, or an elderly parent who is not able to manage the account themselves).

NOTE: Trustee MUST have their own personal account otherwise the account will be rejected.

What will happen to my ARISE account in the event of my death?

Upon registration, you can assign an account beneficiary.

Where can I find my referral commissions?

Referral commissions are automatically deposited into your E-wallet as you earn them.

For detailed information regarding your referral commission earnings: Log into your ARISE account, click on the “My Account” tab on the left menu bar, Click on the “Credit” under the E-Wallet transaction history.

When can I withdraw my money?

Anytime. You can withdraw the available funds in your E-wallet at any time. Payments are processed within 24 hours by our Financial Operations Team. Delays may be due to banking institutions, holidays and/or weekends.

How do I withdraw my money?

When logged into your ARISE account, click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab found on the left sidebar. You will be required to enter your banking information and total funds you wish to withdraw. Please allow us 24 hours to process your request. Withdrawal requests will be processed Monday through Fridays only.

NOTE: Your banking information can be added permanently to your member profile, for quick and easy withdrawals. The member profile page can be found on the left sidebar.

Is there a withdrawal limit?

No . 100% of your E-wallet balance is available for immediate withdrawal. If you’ve earned it, you can withdraw it!


Can I customize my Business Profile page?

Yes. We have made a short video to show you how to customize your Business profile page.Click here to view video

How much does is cost to have a Business account with Clikker?

Nothing! Business accounts are a free service Clikker has provided to allow small businesses a chance to add their business listing to our local directory and be found locally. The business account offers:

- Free local business directory listing with access to make changes at any time.

- Free Business profile page where you can add your hours of operations, address, website, products and services, newsletters and more…

What kind of deal does Clikker offer?

We are currently offering a free 3 months advertising campaign of your choosing to all new Clikker members.

Take advantage of this amazing offer and register your business today!

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